Download and Install Blender for Android 2022

Blender is an excellent 3D modeling and animation program available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

3D software allows you to model, simulate, render, manipulate, animate, edit videos, and many other activities related to the 3D world. In addition, it is a completely free program that is suitable both for beginners who want to get started in 3D modeling and animation, and for experts who have mastered various 3D techniques.

The downside is that Blender is not officially available for Android. It is true that you can download Blender on Android using external programs and apk files, but it is a very complicated process and it may not be entirely safe.

What is it and what is Blender for?

Blender is a software that allows us to model in 3D, animate characters or solid objects. It is a very popular tool among users to develop video games because it is compatible with engines such as Unreal Engine or Unity.

Blender has the basics for creating 3D models. In addition, you have the tools to create characters. Not only can we create 3D models or characters, but we can also do audiovisual editing, painting, sculpture and digital composition. As of version 2.8, we can also draw cartoons in Blender, thanks to a completely rebuilt and improved oil brush tool that provides a complete drawing and painting suite.

This program is free so any user can download it. Also, it is open source.

Blender requirements for pc

It is important to understand what Blender needs to work properly. That is why I indicate that your desktop or laptop computer must meet these requirements so that you do not have problems when using the program.

The supported operating systems are: Windows 8.1, 10 and 11. MaxOs 10.13 Intel 11.0 Apple Silicon and Linux. The minimum CPU is a quad core 64 bit CPU with SSE2 support and an 8 core 64 bit CPU is recommended. The minimum display is Full HD 2560 x 1440. If you have three buttons, a touchpad or pen, and a drawing board, a mouse is recommended. Graphics card must have at least 2GB RAM, OpenGL 4.3, but 8GB RAM is recommended. Ideally, we would use Blender on a desktop or laptop less than 10 years old to avoid any potential issues.

Blender compatible graphics cards on pc

These are graphics cards compatible with the Blender program.

Nvidia. GeForce 400 and newer, Quadro Tesla GPU architecture, RTX-based graphics cards. AMD. Gen 1 GCN and beyond. Intel. Haswell architecture and updates. apple system. The hardware supports Intel processors from 10.13 to the latest version. Version 11.0 for Arm-based processors.

Download Blender for Android 2022

To use Blender on your Android device, download the following files:

-Download Blender from official site

Download now

-Download Blender Android internal template files

Download now

How to install Blender on your Android smartphone

After downloading the Blender Player and Blender Android template, you can start the installation as shown in the image.

Install the Blender Player Apk you downloaded

Rename the Android template you downloaded from the .zip file to .blend

Now open the installed Blender app.

Click on Choose game and select the Android model you downloaded. Yes, you renamed the file from .zip to .blend

Click to start BlenderPlayer.

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